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Arezzo (Latin Arretium) is an old city in central Italy, capital of the province of the same name, located in Tuscany. Arezzo is about 80 km (50 miles) south-east of Florence, at an elevation of 296 meters above sea level. In 2001 the population was about 91,600 people.

Arezzo is set on a steep hill rising from the floodplain of the Arno. In the upper part of the town are the cathedral, the town hall and the Medici Fortress (Fortezza Medicea), from which the main streets branch off towards the lower part as far as the gates. The upper part of the town maintains its medieval aspect despite the addition of later structures.


img Arezzo's History
Arezzo’s land was probably lived in since Paleolithic era, about 200 thousand years before Christ. In 1863 was found a skull that confirm this hypothesis.
img Poppi Castle
The castle of Poppi is the most important medieval monument of the whole Casentino area. Unlike all the other castles and architectures of the zone it wasn't wasted by the time or ruined by the men, having always been used as residence of the local political or administrative power, in fact it is still today seat of the Commune of Poppi.
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