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San Gimignano

St. Gimignano is risen with the profile of his towers, on a hill (m.334) to dominion of the Val of hilt. Center of a small village etrusco of the period ellenistico (III-II sec. a.C.)

His history around the X century taking the name of the Saint Bishop of Modena: St. Gimignano, that would have saved the suburb from the barbaric hordes.

It had great development during the Middle Ages thanks to the street Francigena that crossed it. St. Gimignano had an extraordinary flowering of works of art that decorated churches and convents. In 1199 it became free commune, it fought against the Bishops of Volterra and the neighboring communes, it suffered intestine struggles dividing in two factions to the succession of the Ardinghellis (guelfi) and of the Salvuccis (ghibellini). The May eight 1300 entertained Dante Alighieri, ambaciatore of the league guelfa in Tuscany.

The 1348 terrible plague and the following depopulation threw St. Gimignano in a serious crisis. The town owed therefore to submit to Florence. From the I degrade and abandonment of the following centuries was gone out only when it was started to rediscover the beauty of the city, its cultural importance and the native agricultural identity.



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